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Rob Keil has been researching and documenting the development of Westlake since 2002. He collaborated with the Daly City Public Library to create the Westlake section of the official Daly City history Web site in 2003-2005.

In 2006, Rob published the award-winning coffee table book Little Boxes: The Architecture of a Classic Midcentury Suburb.

In 2014, along with producer Monique Lombardelli, he released the documentary film Little Boxes: The Legacy of Henry Doelger.

Rob has been interviewed and quoted on the subject of Westlake extensively in the national media, both print and online. He's also done slideshows, film screenings, tours and numerous speaking engagements.

He is always on the lookout for vintage Westlake photos, film footage, and similar items. Feel free to contact Rob at the above e-mail address.