Compiled by Rob Keil

These links should be useful to Westlake residents and others interested in the neighborhood. Note that the inclusion of businesses and professionals on this list does not imply an endorsement unless specifically stated, and the author assumes no responsibilty or liability the information contained herein. If you have links that should be added to this list, please e-mail me at robertjkeil@yahoo.com. I hope you find this information useful.

Community, Public & Government Organizations

City of Daly City official website

City of Daly City: Building Division deals specifically with home-improvement and permit issues

The Doelger Center
hosts many community events and classes, as well as programs for seniors.
This building was originally the award-winning Fernando Rivera School designed by Mario Ciampi in 1960.

Daly City Public Library: Westlake Branch

Daly City Public Library: Serramonte Branch is great for research. It maintains a collection of historical Westlake photographs, as well as a microfilm copy of the Westlake Times newspaper (now defunct) dating back to the 1950s. Their collection also includes rare and useful government-produced documents and books and the research interview tapes recorded in the creation of the "Little Boxes" Westlake book. The History Guild of Daly City also maintains a mini-museum and research library on site on the lower level, which is open Tuesdays 1-2:30pm only.

The Peninsula Library System maintains a useful list of books that contain information on Westlake and Daly City here.

Earthquake of 1957

People often ask about this Westlake-centered temblor. It caused a fair amount property damage, but no houses collapsed and nobody was killed. Henry Doelger's company spent a year fixing collapsed chimneys and cracked stucco (free of charge).




History Websites & Organizations

Official History Website of Daly City: Westlake Section This is the most comprehensive online history of the neighborhood.

History Guild of Daly City / Colma
meets in Westlake several times per year. Their mini-museum is worth visiting.

San Mateo County History Museum
has a nice exhibit that includes material on Westlake and Henry Doelger.


Here are a few publications that may be of interest to Westlake fans:

Atomic Ranch Magazine is a well-written and thoroughly-illustrated quarterly on the architecture of midcentury tract houses. They ran Westlake-related articles in issues 7 and 13.

CA Modern is a full-color quarterly that focuses on midcentury California homes- particulary Eichler, Streng, and Alexander. They ran a Westlake-related article and review of Little Boxes in their Fall 2006 issue.

Modernism Magazine is another high quality quarterly, covering midcentury architecture and design more generally.


Flickr "Little Boxes" Photo Pool originated by my friend Thom Watson, contains dozens of contemporary digital images of Westlake. A great visual reference. You can also add your own images.

Real Estate: Buying & Selling

Quite a few companies list houses for sale in Westlake. Search online for Daly City real estate and you find them.

Danco Real Estate
is of note because they've been in business in the area since 1963 and specialize in Westlake homes.

The following local real estate agents also specialize in Westlake homes:

Douglas Dunlop

Robert Garrison
Marcia Minnichofer
Heather Stoltz

Real Estate: Renting

A good place to find houses for rent in Westlake is on Craigslist. I suggest using "Westlake" as search keyword.

The only true apartment complex in Westlake is the huge 3,000-unit Westlake Village Apartments complex.


Although there are quite a few restaurants in Westlake, these may be of particular interest to fans of things retro:

Joe's Of Westlake The original Westlake hangout, mostly unchanged since 1956. Henry Doelger had his own table here.

Boulevard Cafe
Situated on the site of the old Doelger lumber mill, this place has both retro style and good food.

Westlake Coffee Shop
has traditional diner food and atmosphere.


Not all schools in Westlake have websites at this time, but here are those that do:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt School

Thomas Edison School

Marjorie Tobias School originally known as the "Vista Mar School" and featured in Life Magazine on May 25, 1959.

Fernando Rivera School (This is not the original Fernando Rivera designed by Mario Ciampi), see "Doelger Center" above.

Westmoor High School Westlake's only high school. Westmoor was Featured in Life Magazine on May 25, 1959 and the on cover of Fortune Magazine in October 1958.

Westlake School of the Performing Arts offers a wide range of dance programs for kids. This building was designed by architect Mario Ciampi and was originally known as the Olympia School.

Shopping Centers & Stores

Westlake has two shopping centers:

Westlake Shopping Center was originally called the Westlake Town & Country Shopping Center.
It was one of America's earliest shopping "malls."

Skyline Plaza Shopping Center opened in 1961.

The local home repair and improvement stores may be of particular interest to homeowners. See the homeowner tips.


Bay Area Rapid Transit. The Daly City station is within walking distance of some of the early Westlake subdivisions.

SamTrans is the local bus service.